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We believe that everyone should have the knowledge, information and tools they need to achieve elite health.

We’d like to take this opportunity to tell you about the Functional Nutirition Formula 3 step programme to achieve better health.  This programme can help you achieve your health goals, realistically and in a straightforward, uncomplicated way.

Nutrition really is 80% of results and that requires a balanced approach that is specifically designed to support the body as a whole.   An investment in your health with this programme can also be an investment in your long term future.

Functional Nutrition Formula enables anyone to work with the basic cornerstones of good nutrition, using a range of readily available  resources and supporting products. With this in mind we aim to help anyone make informed decisions about how to improve their health with our straighforward 3 step formula.

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95% of the population simply want to sleep better, have more energy, balance hormones or lose weight. The FNF 3 step programme helps you work towards these goals with a simple to follow formula for 90 days

Poor sleep and lack of energy are symptoms that the body is not able to deliver nutrients around the body efficiently. Hormone imbalances are a sign the liver is struggling. With the FNF 3 step programme we focus on improving internal health and balancing hormones naturally.

This provides the body with the right environment to ensure all the systems are balanced and optimal health can be achieved. Thus increasing energy levels, improving sleep and managing weight effectively.


CS - female struggling with Fibromyalgia, 4 weeks into a 90 day rogramme

Well, what a difference I'm seeing. Another crazy couple of weeks with a virus grabbing me on Monday. I took Tuesday off and battled through the rest of the week. By Friday, I was so much better and pretty much over it by Sunday. My husband has had the same virus, pretty much getting it on the same day, and he's still really coughing and struggling with feeling rough! I don't think this is coincidence.
This morning is the first morning that I haven't been up before 6am for work and I feel amazing. The other thing,, I haven't taken any Zantac since I saw you (the fact that I needed it yesterday was what jogged my mind into noticing this). I was taking this up to three times a week, sometimes more!
On the subject of sleep., you should see the change in my sleep patterns. I'm getting so much more proper, prolonged rest with much less restlessness. I've noticed that I'm not dreaming as much which is a very good sign.
and..... I've lost weight, only a couple of pounds, but that's fine as I don't need to lose more, it just great to have it under control without having to starve myself (I ate out 6 times this week, made good dietary choices, but still ... normally I would be at my heaviest today, but no - all good!)

Thank you Sue! I'm so glad I met you xxx

AO-B - female aiming to increase energy levels and manage symptoms of menopause

I’m really noticing a difference and feel so much more energised and managed to fight off a major cold really quickly! Sleep is really good too. Havnt felt this good in a long long time.